Welcome to my new blog!

Hi there! This is the site of my new blog for 867-5309/Jenny: the song that savedme for a while. The book will be released by Charles River Press this fall, 2011. I’m very excited about its release and about the prospect of going around the country meeting new friends at book events and readings. I’ll be here daily on my blog chatting about the book and anything else that crosses my mind.

Please feel free to send me a comment or a note. You may also find me at Alex Call on Facebook – friend me- and view my videos at thealex8675309 on YouTube.

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3 Responses to Welcome to my new blog!

  1. Congrats on the book, looking forward to the San Fran launch concert/signing party!

  2. Dave Tolmie says:

    Well aren’t we Mr. High Tech here! Very nice this little set up of yours.Congratulations! As usual you’ll be hearing a lot from me..loved your shared post with Patti Ryan on fucking Beck this a.m. Anyway Good Luck!

  3. The Beagle says:

    You are just all over the ‘net, Mister! 😉 This site/blog is looking great!

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