Alex Call tells all!!!…well..some

Alex Call tells all!!!…well…some…

Now, I know a lot of people think rock’n’roll is just about sex, drugs, liquor, and money.

Actually, that is what rock is all about. Why, I remember the time that Huey…oh, wait, this is a family blog. Shame on you, Mr. Call, for revealing what really happened out on the road of life. Code of the Road and all that.

Let’s face it, most of the people in my book are still living, and a few of them are armed as well. So, while I left the drugs, booze, and rock’n’roll in 867-5309/Jenny: the song that saved me, I put the sex (well, not all the sex: after all, love goes out the door when sexual innuendo) into my funny novel, Second Childhood, which just so happens to be the second Alex Call scheduled release on Charles River Press, coming in the spring of 2012. (…plug, plug, plug, your book… gently down the ‘net…)

Since Second Childhood is fiction it can act as a vessel for the truth.

In showbiz everybody lies about everything. “I would never screw you on a deal, man”. “I am twenty-six years old”.” This is my real hair”. “I wrote this song; that other guy had nothing to do with it”. “This is a standard contract”.”I love you”.

There comes a point in a rocker’s life when he needs to adjust his lies. When you’re thirty-six, you can claim to be twenty-eight. But once you’re forty-one, you should say you’re fifty. Then everyone will say, “Wow, you look amazing for fifty! I would have said you look forty-three!”. Remember: sixty-two is the new fifty-eight.

This is why we lie.

Lies, Lies, Lies.

So fiction is the perfect home for telling the real down and dirty. In Second Childhood, my band ‘Childhood’, one hit wonders in 1978 with their earthquake –inspired song “Here Comes the Big One”, are on the road again in the present day, alternate universe style. Their soundman from college has gone on to be a very successful doctor and CEO of the fairly evil Xeonosis Corporation. Xeonosis is marketing their sure-to-be-hugely popular new penis implant. Xeonosis uses “Here Comes the Big One” for their national ad campaign. This story is sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. Since our heroes are now in their fifties, the drugs are no longer coke and pot, but Viagra and Rogaine.  Needless to intimate, the Big One does come.

Don’t worry; I did leave a lot of juicy and naughty bits in 867-5309 Jenny: the song that saved me. I had a great seat from which to observe the up, down, and (mostly) sideways motion of the rollercoaster of rock. I don’t cream anybody in the book, these are my lifelong buddies after all, but I do tell some funny stuff about some well-known guys. They said it was OK. It’s amazing what you can get out of someone when you start pouring the Glenfiddich.

867-5309/Jenny is also about just how dang tough the business is. You can’t understand just how bad it can be unless you’ve felt the dagger slipping in between your ribs and realize a friend has your blood dripping through his fingers. I have the scars to prove it.

But more than anything else, my story is one of celebration. I was very lucky to have gotten to take that ride. Hey, it’s still going- just during daylight hours nowadays instead of three AM.

So, let me tell about the time that Johnny Ciambotti was really hammered in Amsterdam, and climbed out onto  a …

Oh, sorry…you’ll have to buy the book to hear about that one!

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6 Responses to Alex Call tells all!!!…well..some

  1. The Beagle says:

    HAHA… I thought I was the only person that lied about my age in the other direction. I guess the rock stars cornered that one well before I started to. Why yes, I am 45…


  2. Bill Sward says:

    In talking about the fiction you have piqued my interest in the “non”fiction. What is the name of that book about the song and when does it come out? I actually want to buy it now.

    • Bill Sward says:

      I am hoping by reading it I will be able to see behind the screen that I was watching the movie on.

    • alexcall says:

      Bill…book number one is ‘867-5309/jenny: the song that saved me”- my memoir about the days we lived through and beyond..the second book is called “Second Childhood, about a band that’s a bit long in the tooth, but still ready to rock…867-5309 will be released this fall, and Second childhood in th spring of 2012…

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