Marin October book release party and galley proofs…


I’m still waiting for the editor’s mark-up of my manuscript…once we have wrestled the beast into its final shape, then something is produced that’s called a galley proof…somehow the word galley summons up visions of Kirk Douglas or Charlton Heston chained in a grimy toga to a sweaty oar with other overly-made-up slaves while the drums beat and an enemy ship bears down on their galley with a bronze ram… A grim- faced Roman commander stands on the deck, his gladius in his firm hand (that’s a short Roman sword, not a sexual term, you pervs!) while flaming arrows whistle past his proud head…but I get carried away with action fantasies– that’s why I write my adventure stories like Merlin the Archer, Moses and the Myrmidon, and the Lunchbag Chronicles..
The galley proof is a mock-up of the finished book, with cover and all, that is sent to reviewers such as the Midwestern book review. I will also send it to a few publicists to find the one who can best help us break the book to the waiting world. I need someone who is enthusiastic, successful, gets the book, and doesn’t charge overly inflated fees. My goodness, publicists can cost a fortune.

Last year a young men in New Jersey got the Vonage number 867-5309 for his party DJ business. This enterprising gent decided to sell the DJ biz on eBay. He got this story to the New Jersey Star Ledger, a state-wide newspaper. This was on a Friday. That same day peter Applebome of the New York Times called me and did an interview about the song (he included some nice lines about my prospective books as well). That story ran in the Sunday NY Times national edition front section and made the news of Good Morning America, Today, MSNBC. FOX, CNN, etc. On the following Monday, the eBay auction commenced, By the second day, the bidding was up to $434,000! Unfortunately for our DJ biz kid, it was a seven –day auction, but he still ended up with $187,000 at the end of his week. Didn’t send me dime, I might add. I must have owed him $187,000 from a former life, probably when I was Roman Centurion with a bad gambling habit and weakness for young female slaves…

The moral of this troy is that 867-5309 makes national news.

So my publicist will have to understand that the book release must be made newsworthy. I plan to show up at 6:30 AM on local TV affiliates around the country for my two and half minute book plug the day I’m at Barnes & Noble at the local Mall, or at a reading with music and photos like the book release we’re putting together for Marin County Oct 14-15.
The Marin book release party is tentatively scheduled for the Playhouse in San Anselmo October 14th and 15th. The Playhouse a very nice older theater, once used for musical theater-such as the musicals my parents were in during the 50’s (it’s in the book). The theater holds 300 people. It will be a theatrical piece: I’ll be reading from the book, showing scads of awesome historical photos on a big screen (I will need your photos of the old days, Marinites! ), and playing three or four band segments with Mitch Howie, Gary Vogensen, and others. We’re hoping John McFee can be pried away from the relentless Doobie Brother tour for the weekend.
This will be the closest thing to a Clover reunion that we have mustered so far. Truth be told, Mitch and I were there first, then McFee, and then Ciambotti. Huey and Sean joined in ’71. Johnny, may he rest in peace- unless he’s raising some hell up in heaven- will not be there, but his daughter Gia, who is a wonderful singer- a former member of Bruce Springsteen’s touring band, will sing his Clover parts. My wife Lisa will also sing and look for many surprise guests as I play songs from 1968 to 1988.
So row, you galley scum, the Parthians are bearing down on us!

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3 Responses to Marin October book release party and galley proofs…

  1. ernie stires says:

    So interesting to read this! I will need to try to find out more about this book, Alex. I guess I have been a little out of the loop. I will have to bring my old Tiny Hearing Aid Company / Muir Beach handbill.

  2. russ says:

    Am thrilled and hope it will indeed be that weekend as I am coming down to my 40th HS reunion from Bellingham.So friday night works for me(looks like two nights?)Hope to hear when tickets come out on facebook.You have so many great songs but if Streets of London fits in then thanks in advance.

  3. alexcall says:

    Ernie..the book will tell all! ( some of all, that is…)

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