What the Stars are saying about 867-5309/Jenny: the song that saved me

Elvis Costello

You’ve written a vivid, honest feeling memoir .Alex and his Clover colleagues were once almost-mythical figures on a record sleeve to me. This book fills in the human story between those photographs and the guys I got to know at the very start of my career and those I am still happy to call my friends. Read this and you’ll realize, music has been a passport, an occasional alibi and something to catch you when you fall.

Dave Robinson, Founder Stiff Records

Alex Call, a unique singer of a seminal band Clover who gave the inspiration to change the way things are done.

Huey Lewis

Alex drives his story straight through the heart of rock’n’roll!

Eric Detzer, author of Poppies: Odyssey of an Opium Eater

Congratulations old friend. I’m sure you are very excited, but I never doubted for a moment that your book would be picked up quickly. You not only have a good story to tell . . . you are a master with prose. I can’t offhand think of a better writer.

John McFee, lead guitarist, Doobie Brothers

My old friend and colleague Alex has captured the essence of what it was like to be in a band in a van back in the good old days of 60’s. 70’s, and 80’s rock. We had some good times and some hard times, too. Alex and I used to sit facing backwards in the back seat of our station wagon as we drove from gig to gig.

Jeff Watson, Night Ranger, Mother’s Army,  Dennis DeYoung. Chris Issak

“From his early days in the band Clover with Huey Lewis, John McFee and the lads, to his amazing solo career, Alex has always had the gift of words to accompany his incredible voice. Now he’s used that gift to pen an incredible new book that reveals more of his storytelling genius!”

Joel Selvin, pop music critic, San Francisco Chronicle, author of ,”Smartass: The Music Journalism of Joel Selvin,”

“867-5309” is in the 415 area code. As a member of the venerated Clover, Alex Call was one of the original Marin County rockers. With the hits he wrote for Tommy Tutone and Huey Lewis and the News, he introduced those darn hippies to modern rock. Call sings ’em like he writes ’em — smooth and soulful. One of the best kept secrets of the San Francisco music scene.

David Jenkins, lead vocalist and lead guitarist, Pablo Cruise

For a good time, read Alex Call’s 867-5309/Jenny: the song that saved me.   This guy is funny, extremely informative, and totally engaging in his depiction of the events that shaped many of the lives of the musical community that came out of the 60’s and 70’s all over the US, and especially the SF bay area.  Reading over these adventures took me back to a time when musicians and artists were really going for it for the art itself with nothing to lose.  Really a great chronicle of the way it was back then from one of the guys on the inside.

Dave Jenkins


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