Advance Tickets for my national Book Concert tour

The word is that there are advance ticket requests for my two-night show at Sam Anselmo’s Playhouse Theater (in Marin County CA), October 14-15. There will be advance tickets available shortly.

These two nights, which should be a blast with many musical guests, will be the kick-off of my national book tour, which promises to drive my old Ford into the ground! I’ll start on the West Coast and work my way across the country. Chances are good I’ll be somewhere near you at some time. We’ll be on TV and radio promoting the book as much as we can to let you know when I’ll be passing through. I hope to see you at a Barnes & Noble or another venue. I’m in the process of booking some theater-type venues where I can do my “book concert”: me reading from the book, projecting a big-screen slide show, and playing my songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.

My friend Laurie McAdams, the artist who did the great cover for the book, has just finished the layout for the back cover and interior layout. There some very cool photos– in case you want to Huey naked..oh, I left that one about Huey with long hair?

I am so privileged to have Charles River Press release my book in a hardcover first edition. I hope you will all buy it and keep it on your shelf with your other favorite books. After all, it’s about the times we all lived through together. Books are disappearing into digital-land. I have a Kindle, too. I won’t tell you that my book will also be available in that format, because you want to buy the hardcover!


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2 Responses to Advance Tickets for my national Book Concert tour

  1. Oh wow! To be mentioned in the same paragraph as a famous naked man. lol

    Hope you dig the layout buddy. This is a very special book for me.

    Alex, special request – find a paint marker that matches the cover that will write on black. I’d like you to sign the back flap with it for me, as well as the interior. =)

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