Galley Proof at ramming speed!

Galley proof in the mail

When I hear the word “galley” I instantly see the ships of Ben Hur with their bronze prow-rams slamming into each other as gold-helmeted, scarlet-caped Roman Centurions grapple on the deck, stabbing with their gladius’s as flaming stunt men fall screaming into the blood-wine-dark sea. Trireme galleys rowed by sweaty slaves such as Charlton Heston and perhaps Tony Curtis as a Viking thrown in. Now that was a funny movie: Viking with Tony Curtis, the least likely Viking in the history of the cinematic world (“my fahdduh is in duh castle!”), vs. his long-lost brother Kirk Douglas—a fine specimen of the Norse manhood.

But I digress. My publisher Jon Womack called to tell me the book is in the mail. I will read it for errors—supposedly there are always some corrections—and then it will be printed in limited quantities to be sent to reviewers.

Just who these reviewers are is still a bit of a mystery to me. My theory is that the song is so well known that the book cover will attract readers who don’t regularly frequent the world of book reviews. I would love to get a great write-up in the NY Times book review, but I get the feeling that my lack of a literature degree from Columbia or Brown might prove a barrier to its review in those august pages. Perhaps I am being somewhat of reverse snot in this regard.

It is a rock‘n’roll book, and therefore could be a candidate for sneerage from certain highbrow reviewers. I hope not. I have aspirations as a writer of other kinds of books. I have several done already. Quasi-historical epics, adventures for younger readers (my sons, old and young, love them), baseball stories, sci-fi fantasy thrillers—and more rock books as well. I hope reviewers will look kindly upon my writing, not just toss the book into the Rock pile. Oh heck, I am from the Rock pile.

Don’t hold your breath for a free copy for review. These books cost money. I am selling them. A few will get freebies. Support your songwriter/author! General sales begin at the end of September with the book concert tour: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, indie bookstores.

So, row, you Macedonian sea-scum-dogs! Marc Anthony’s fleet has sallied forth from Actium. We row for the glory of Rome! Pull those oars to the drum beat, feel the lash of the oar-master’s whip. Ramming speed!

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