I got it! I got It! I got my book in my hands!

I got it!

The proof copy of my book arrived in the mail yesterday. My hands were actually shaking a little as I struggled to remove the cardboard and tape from the wrapping without damaging the book.

There it was, looking so good. Singing doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-doo!

After all my work, after all that rejection, I had my first copy in my hands.

The dust jacket is awesome. Laurie McAdams did such a great job with her art direction. I opened the book and began to read my acknowledgments page. I could hardly focus on it: too soon to read the new parts. I had my eight-year-old son Aidan take a picture of me holding the book to post on Facebook. I need another. His approach to taking this important, historic shot was very lackadaisical, tinged with, “can I get back to Wii now?

I tried reading a few more paragraphs. Paranoia struck me. What if my writing sucks? I put the book down and did some other stuff for a while. That kid James Durbin on Idol was great last night.

When Lisa arrived home I showed her the book. After Idol I stood in the kitchen and read a couple of obscure, random passages aloud. Ah-ha! It was fine. Lisa noticed some printing glitches. I was grateful for that; it enabled me to look for more without obsessing on whether I needed to rewrite the entire book as an action-adventure novel.

There are a few items that need to be corrected here and there, in the nature of typos in the photo captions. Perhaps the photos can be made bigger as well.

But these are details. I love the the way the books looks. I am fairly optimistic that readers will find it fast-paced, funny in spots, and that it will take them to other times that we shared and to emotional places we have in common.

Onward to the mighty book tour! I can’t wait to get out there and read from the book, play some of the songs from it, and answer questions in my long-winded and passionate way. Do I really have to wait until September 30th?

My book. My first book!!!

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1 Response to I got it! I got It! I got my book in my hands!

  1. So happy to see that you’re liking how the book turned out buddy. Maybe I can stop biting my nails now so badly.

    Get back to me on the photos and printing glitches. I need to know how the photos look before I can tell you if they can be bigger or not. Right now they are blown up quite a bit…. *mumbling under my breath about my typos*

    I can’t wait to hold a copy myself. It’s going to bite having to spoil the new look of the signed copy and open it to read, but I’ve got to read this book!

    Congratulations Alex on being a step closer to it’s unveiling!!

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