867-5309/Jenny:the song that saved me— to be released September one!

Hey! My book release moves up to September One.

This truly is the year of the rock book. I can’t wait to read Steven Tyler’s sure-to-be-as-entertaining-as-he-is memoir.

I have prevailed on my wonderful publisher, Jonathan Womack, to move up 867-5309/Jenny’s release to Sept 1st.

So I’ll be hitting the road right after Labor Day, coming to your town. I hope to kick off here in Nashville at World Music’s new theater venue right after Labor Day weekend. Then I’ll head north to beat the snows of Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, etc. I am committed to the Pensacola FL Song Fest Sept 30-Oct 1 (Barnes & Noble Pensacola midday Sept 30th!). Then I drive west with all my noise- making gear to San Francisco -Oct 14-15 at the Playhouse Theater in San Anselmo-, on to LA and San Diego, and points beyond. You’ll be seeing me on TV and hearing me on radio.

So much is happening even now. It’s very exciting. So far it’s much more fun than having an album come out. No earplugs or late nights, lots of intellectual banter…it’s right up my alley.

Buzzy Martin, author of the book and movie Don’t shoot me, I’m the guitar man, called with an idea for the two of us to play in San Quentin and Sing-Sing prisons early next year. Jonathan Womack has arranged a Book Concert at Harvard University—my father’s alma mater! My dad would be blown away by that (since he couldn’t convince me to go to any college other than Rock’n’Roll U.).

Let the road open! I am so ready to hit it and get out there and meet all you interesting people (and sell you books and my awesome T-shirts and CD’s, LOL!).

Let me know about your favorite book stores and other venues in the towns in which you live. I’ll be coming to a lot of Barnes & Noble’s, but I don’t want to miss your great indie stores or cool small theaters across our great country.

Today is Willie Nelson’s 78th Birthday. Happy Birthday Willie. Time for me to get on the road again!

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