Meet me in St Louis, Louis and Louise

Well, here I go, off on my massive book concert tour. I’m in St Louis today–going to do a radio interview in a couple of hours. Tomorrow is my first in-store appearance at Barnes & Nobles at the West County Mall in Des Peres, a few miles west of downtown.

It’s funny, but I still have little idea about which pages to read from the book. I like being spontaneous, so I think I’ll just show up and see how the spirit moves me. Most likely, I will only read a few paragraphs from the book and then play a song, take questions, improvise. I know people want to know the story behind 867-5309, so I’ll possibly tease the folks in attendance with a promise I will soon tell them, and then read about my childhood instead!

I am on a bit of a mission to debunk the fake story that Tommy Tutone has been hawking all these years. Tommy continues to this day to say that he came up with the name and number from a real-life girlfriend or something. He has made it sound like I was merely a contributor of a lesser breed, which is simply not true. I made up the name, number, and wrote the music, the guitar riff–all that is mine. Jim Keller told me it was a girl’s number on a bathroom wall. Hahaha. A great contribution, but I wrote the frikkin song!

Perhaps Tommy and I will end up facing off on Conan or the Daily Show—how about Colbert. we could fight it out with those foam swords. Winner takes all. No. I’ll shoot him him with a Nerf gun instead!

Come and see me on my tour. the dates are listed on the website . I’m looking forward to meeting you.

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