First leg of my Book Concert Tour

Wow, that was a lot of driving, and it’s only just begun!. St Louis, KC, back to Nashville, one day home to do the vacuuming, the off to Des Moines, where The Round Guy of KGGO Classic Rock 95.5 faked me out ( for a half second) with a call- in from Huey Lewis, on to Minneapolis, four days in Chicago, and Cincinnati. Mancow, KMOV, KMOX, KGGO, KARE, FOX9, WLS, WGN, CBS New York, John Gambling Show/ WOR New York, Bobby D Show.

It’s been a world of of fun. I’m seeing parts of cities I didn’t know about and found Impressive St Louis, KC , Des Moines rising out of the cornfields, downtown Minneapolis-Nicolette mall, Zelo’s sidewalk cafe! Lakeview ( awesome) and Oak Brook in Chicago -love Chicago. Cincinnati, a great setting and cool stadiums. So much to see, so many cups of decaf! Lots of great food. Too much great food. Zelo’s calamari is quite good considering the nearest squid is a long flight away from Minneapolis. Derek Jeter had just been in having some before I got there

I did “Good Morning” TV in most cities ( thanks to all the great anchors and producers), and various in-studio and phone-ins for radio. Some press interviews, including a spectacular one with Diana Davis of Walrus Press in St Louis. The Barnes & Noble readings were an adventure, as in, who will show up? I met some cool people and was universally treated well by all the professionals I met at every single TV, radio station, Barnes & Noble, Reckless Records, and Sam Ash music store at which I appeared. I haven’t encountered anyone who hasn’t been fantastic. A lot of well-run companies out there as far as I can tell. Barnes & Noble stands out as having amazing employees, but as I said, everyone everywhere treated me like a king.

Home for a week then on to Columbus, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, where the heart of rock’n’roll is still bee-ting, Ann Arbor and then back to Nashville for my show/signing at World Music in Bellevue. World Music has built a brand new performance venue in their building, for which I shall be the inaugural event Sept 27th.

the 28th is my birthday–21 at last! Then down to Pensacola Fl to do a PBS taping, Barnes & Noble Friday the 30th, a major theater taping with Rick and Janis Carnes, a signing on Saturday at Pensacola beach at the art fair and another show that night.

And then…. drive out to the West Coast to prepare for two nights at the San Anselmo Playhouse with a wonderful band that includes Clover’s original drummer, Mitch Howie and my long-time musical pal Gary Vogensen on lead guitar. There will be some surprises in terms of musical guests. I’ll be reading from the book, and playing some very old Clover tunes for the first time in thirty years, and showing a nostalgic video that I put together.

The tour will continue to LA, Phoenix, Santa Fe, Denver, and then all the way to the East Coast for major cities in early November. I believe I am actually speaking at Harvard U , my father’s alma mater. His ashes will rotate rhythmically in his urn.

I have been picking up some really (very) nice reviews from both readers and professional reviewers. It’s gratifying to read that my writing is well-regarded. I worked hard on this book ( and all my others). One never knows how good a piece of work is until others verify!

My Ford Escape has been flawless so far. Hang in there, Dude ( a very male car… my old explorer was named Elizabeth). 192,000 miles and still going. we’ll break 210,000 before the book is done.

Right now the best way to Buy the Book Buy the Book Buy the Book is to order it online from Barnes & Noble in hardbound or from Amazon for your Kindle. The hardbound is awesome looking , if I do say so myself.

Please write me a review and post it on my Facebook wall if you can, or send it here or to my email, Don’t forget to tell your friends how much they’ll enjoy reading ( buying) the book!

See you down the road.. soon!

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