The Rock’n’rollercoaster heads to the Heartland this weekend

Off this Friday to visit Columbus OH, Pittsburgh PA, Cleveland, and Ann Arbor. A short swing through the beginning of Fall. Football will be rockin’ with Ohio State, the Steelers, the Browns, and the U of Michigan.

I’m doing my Book Concerts at Barnes & Nobles at the Polaris Fashion Center in Columbus, Settlers Ridge in Pittsburgh, Eton Chagrin ( must do the history on this name) in Cleveland, and Huron Village in Ann Arbor. I hope I can lure out some foot-crazed- and -dazed folks to hear about the Rock’ n’ Rollercoaster of life as told in my book.

I love to travel. I always have. Flying is cool, because you can see the lay of the land from the air and you get there sooo fast. But driving gives one a deeper perspective. Because I am drawn to history, I see the older inhabitants: the forgotten Mound Builders, the Native Americans, the first pioneers. Their ghosts still trudge along the roads, peering in bewilderment at the rush of crappy roadside buildings and concrete plazas, the loud vehicles whizzing by: MacDonald’s, Truck stops, and gleaming cities of glass skyscrapers. I feel akin to the ghosts, but also revel in modern architecture and in the press of beautiful people going who knows where.

My Ford is holding up so far. He and I have so far to go yet. Hang in there, buddy. I listen to audio books as I drive. It makes the roads I already know so well vanish into the story. Right now it’s Margaret George’s 21 disc book, Helen of Troy, spoken by a British actress with a wispy voice. My favorites by far have been the three books of Frank McCourt, may he RIP or be quickly reborn to write some more. Teacher Man is the best audio book I’ve heard. Watership Down was great. I’ve read it three times as well. Hazel and Bigwig.

After this trip I gear up, literally, for my Book Concert at World Music here in Nashville. WM has built and new performance venue in the back half of the big store. I’ll be the inaugural event. I say gear up, because I am going to be employing all my music toys for this none: loopers, drum machines, multiple amps and guitars. I’m always ready to try something new at an important gig. If it crashes? Well, that will be what the show is about. That and the stories I seem to be good at telling, or so people tell me. Of course, I play and sing my hits and misses as well.

Then I’m off to Florida-Pensacola -for the fun Pensacola Beach Song Fest Sept 29th-Oct 2rd with a PBS taping and big theater concert with Rick and Janis Carnes Sept 30th, a Barnes & Noble at noon, the same day, as well as a Saturday Arts at the Beach under a tent hawking my books and meeting folks, another show that night and the next day..

Then I really hit the road for my home turf- the West Coast. More on that later
Come and say hi this weekend and next week if you’re in my Book Concert area. Oh, yeah, and BUY MY BOOK please! The best way is online at Barnes& Noble and Amazon, both hardbound (best- the cover is great) and Nook and Kindle (still good).
Happy Trails!

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