The Road heats up for Alex and the Dudemobile

Well, now the book concert tour begins to pick up some steam and hot, greasy, fried gigs. next Tuesday, Sept 27th, the day before my 109th birthday ( 109 is the “new” 105), I’ll be doing a reception, a performance, and more reception at the new, rebuilt World Music in Bellevue (Nashville)

I’m loading up the Dudemobile with a lot of gear from my home studio: loopers, multiple amps, guitars in various tunings and tonings. I’ll play songs I wrote when I was 11 and songs I wrote last month, with my big hits featured in the mix. I’ll be doing more talking than playing, if last year’s World Music show is a guide. We had a fun Q&A session.

I’m buying wine, water, sodas, cheeps and deeps, and so forth. There’ll be piles of books waiting for your purchase and my partially legible autographs.
I look to see some old friends there and meet new friends as well. Refrescos are on me ( I’ll put them on the Dudemobile’s card!)

First I have make it past this horrific bout I’ve just had with Strep throat. I guess I’ve never had it before in my life. Thought I was gonna die the first night of high fever. –temp over 103 for more than two days. Alexander Pope dreams. Now, just a dry cough that rips my chest apart from the effort to expectorate.

I’ll be fine……hack, cough, gurgle, rasp.

the 28th is my birthday, but an early nigh-nigh for Al, as I have to get on the road at dawn the 29th for the drive to Pensacola for a PBS taping with Jeff weeks in the fternoon, A B&N signing at noon the next day, then a nice 500 seat theater that night with Rick and Janis Carnes which is also being filmed ,another book signing at the Pensacola Beach Arts Fest tent most of the afternoon on Saturday, topped off with another set that night!

Then! Drive back to Nashville, wash my clothes, pay the bills, play catch with Aidan, and repack the Dudemobile again with everything I’ll need and drive to San Francisco — leaving 6AM on Tuesday-arrive Friday night, for a TV slot Sat. morning.

After that,I’ll actually get quite busy–radio and TV all week, plus rehearsals with the band , which includes my earliest life friend and co-founder of Clover, Mitch Howie—-leading up the the Oct 14-15 theater shows at the San Anselmo Playhouse.

After that, I’m going to play golf with my brother, Danny Montana, and Craig Vogenesen. Then drive to LA and onto Phoenix and beyond.

My Ford’s gotta keep going. Lost the AC on the last tip, getting fixed tomorrow. 197, 000 on the Dudometer. C’mon, Dude! You can make it!

The tour has been humbling, but fun anyway. My expectations of big signing crowds have not been achieved, to say the least. But I have enjoyed all the people I’ve met. I hope they like the book. Most seem to.

One picture I’m getting is that people relate back to the eras of which I write and what they were doing then. Like hit songs. Like when you hear a Cars song of the Yardbirds, or Peter Gabriel. takes you back.

Now, seriously, we need to stop just saying to Alex that we’re GOING to buy his book, and actually start buying it. We moved the release date up two and half months to August from Oct. So this month is when the real release starts talking place in more retail and e-book outlets. The best way is to order online from B&N for hardbound and NOOK, pre-order hardbound or buy it now for your Kindle at Amazon. Also at Fictionwise. The hardbound edition is very nice looking-great cover.

Buy it; You’ll like it!!!

Don’t forget to post me a nice review where you buy on ‘write a review’, et voila! Some nice folks have done that already, so catch up!

See you next week! Tuesday night.or Pensacola Beach, Or in Marin county, or in La Or In Phoenix, or…!!!

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2 Responses to The Road heats up for Alex and the Dudemobile

  1. Jim Blake says:

    Hi Alex,

    Great to get an update. Hey ! re: number of people in audience – some of America’s most respected authors go on book tours and speak to three to five people a night but as Malcolm Gladwell reports – these people add up and a few of them are “influencers” with hundreds of links to others who trust their judgement. As you noted – It’s all good ! I’m gonna buy your book as soon as my screenplay gets optioned – hopefully next week.

  2. alexcall says:

    Jim.. thanks for the encouragement! I have enjoyed meeting every person I’ve met out there so far. At least one wrote me me a fantastic review that was featured in a very nice press in St.Louis. I wish I could have thirty people to talk to at these events, but i have had had twenty a couple of times, so I guess that’s good. It’s been humbling, which I suppose is always good.

    Best with the screenplay. A baseball story of mine that was turned into screenplay a couple of years ago had gone to die ion the woods somewhere,,but has been suddenly been resurrected. Perhaps that story will get an at bat after all as well.

    best, Alex

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