Sex, Rats, and Ghosts in the hallway

Sex, Rats, and Ghosts in the hallway….

It’s been nice to see that so many folks having been viewing my blog—the excerpts from my book. There’s an odd aspect to it, though.
Boy, everyone tells me they’re going to buy my book. ”I can’t wait to get it and read it!” Hmmm…. seems to be a disconnect somewhere, however, since people are saying that and yet not buying the book itself.

Maybe buying books scares people. All those pages…is this really worth my time? Perhaps some are afraid that the words will crawl out like tiny spiders and nest in their hair while they sleep. Book shelves have that closed closet door feeling. All that thought, all that work. Ghosts in the pages like monsters in the closet.

I don’t think so. I think buying book is something that can be simply put off. It will always be there, after all; it’s a book. But will the hard-working author be there is the question for me!

Now, I know it takes some effort to buy a book. One must go to a book store and there are hardly any left. Well, we’ve solved that problem: it turns out my publisher doesn’t have enough clout to get the book on the shelves at Barnes & Noble, so you don’t have to get in your car and drive to the mall.

Of course it is available in both hardbound and eBook forms from both B&N and Amazon. That involves going online, filling in that tedious order form and putting your credit card numbers in and all that. That IS a lot of work.


You can order an autographed book directly from me! The cost is $27.00 plus shipping. You can contact me on Facebook message or at I will send the book9s) to you and you can pay me, check, cash, or there’s way to do credit cards as well. It’s quite simple. Cost is not much more than lunch salads for two. By the way, lunch simply passes through; the book stays.

I have had a lot of great reviews for “867-5309/Jenny, the song that saved me”. Essentially the gist is that most readers say they couldn’t put it down and they found that it related to their own lives and brought back many memories of the times we all lived through. In addition, readers have praised my ability to employ the English language to describe events and places. Many have appreciated what has been called my ‘brutal honesty’ when it comes to my own problems. Others have said they laughed out loud at one AM, which deeply annoyed their spouses.

So forget those spiders in your hair, the trip to the mall, the online order forms. Buy directly from me. I’ll sign it just for you or for someone you’d like to give it to. Time to buy those autographed books for Christmas presents!

Thanks, and OK, since I said it in today’s title, Sex, Rats, and Ghosts in the hallway. Happy Halloween!!

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