What do I have to do to sell my book? Give away a really nice signed guitar? Sheesh!

What do I have to do to sell my book? Give away a really nice signed guitar? Sheesh!

Well, I went out to San Francisco and did two fantastic shows at a nice theater. Many of my old friends were there and we had a great, fun time both nights. Came home with a new wrinkle on my old heart condition and no money left, but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. My friends bought a nice amount of books as well.

But out here in the big world, I’ve encountered turbulence and counter winds. Barnes & Noble wouldn’t put my book on their shelves. This was major disappointment. There goes the brick-and –mortar browsing factor. Somehow my publishing company didn’t get the book cover posted on the Amazon listing until last week. Oops. I had lot of fun driving around the country going on “Good Morning (you fill in the name) Big City” and hanging out with fun TV and radio folks. I have the gift of gab, it seems; part of my Irish genetics. But, since my book wasn’t really available in STORES, people somehow had a hard time finding it.
Now, I have learned that it’s a big world and there is a lot of competition for our limited attention. It takes a lot of moola and some good old fashioned luck to get a break. Oh, there’s one other factor- sweat equity. That’s the part I am working on. Right now, I am making a big effort to sell autographed copies of my book in order to pay for the several hundred books I bought from publisher to sell at events. Funny thing about the events: they are great, but somehow my publisher didn’t get around to booking many of the ones we had talked about and scheduled.
So, I am selling these books directly – very American! No Middle Man! Direct to you! BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Right now, for a limited time only! The buyers of the next two hundred autographed books, signed especially JUST FOR YOU by ME!, will have a chance to win a fantastic Yamaha Acoustic guitar, signed by me! This was once my favorite guitar until some yahoo broke the back of the neck near the head. A luthier told me it can’t be adequately repaired, but it still plays. Perhaps it can be fixed by the right guy. But BOY HOWDY, it would sure look cool hanging on your wall! It’s a beauty (see photo below)

Perhaps some of the whispered future publicity events I can’t tell you about will actually happen: the big TV shows, and all that. I sure hope so, because I feel I’ve written a cool book, and many who have read it have told me so with great enthusiasm—even some who might harbor secret feelings of a green color regarding their own writings. I want to keep this going and I need your help!

So please buy a book from me –on Facebook Alex Call or at alcallhits@comcast.net. Buy Two or five for your friends for Christmas…makes a great gift– the cover is awesome and the contents are entertaining. PLUS!!!—you get a shot at that very cool guitar!! The drawing will he held before Christmas—I’m picking the name out of my San Francisco 49ers cap and will show the video of the drawing on YouTube and Facebook.

Thanks, and pass it along…
Best, Alex

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15 Responses to What do I have to do to sell my book? Give away a really nice signed guitar? Sheesh!

  1. Goo says:

    Dang you have an open heart. What an honest rarity.

  2. Jeb Harrison says:

    Sorry I don’t have the silver bullet Alex but if you figure it out let me know as I have a novel being published this spring which is almost 100% dependent on viral online marketing, (by me!) plus book tours. I will be buying your book, as my grade school pal Kathleen (Dee Dee) McGuire likely had front row seats for most of the action!

    • alexcall says:

      yes , she did…!! good luck with your book..think of what you can do..one book at a time.. I signed with smaller publisher and it’s been frustrating….I’m having more fun selling them one at a time!

  3. Teresa Speer says:

    Why won’t Barnes and Noble put your book on their shelves? I just don’t get why they refuse to help the little guy. I will not be buying any books from them. Maybe if some of your friends go into the store(of which Nashville has one now and I am sure you have many friends) and we ask them if they have or can order your book it might help? Take care. Teresa

    • alexcall says:

      Teresa..thanks for your support. If my book was a best-seller they would stock it, but since it’s not (yet) and it’s from a small publisher who has return policies that B&N doesn’t like ( or need–the little [publisher requirements are not the same as those of major publishers) they won’t put in on their shelves. B&N has its own print- on- demand publishing business, so it doesn’t help them to support small publishers. B&N has conquered the retail book market..they’ve put all the other big chains out of business. MONOPLY!

  4. Teresa Speer says:

    I am sending a plea to all of my friends to go to the store and ask for your book or at least buy a copy from you. I know a lot of people in music and it would be a great read so maybe they will purchase your book. Good luck with everything. I know I will face the same opportunities that you are facing when my book is finally published so I want to help out if I can. My biggest competitor is Martha Stewart and those damn reality stars that are publishing books on party planning. Take care. Teresa

  5. Hi Alex, I feel your pain and appreciate your honesty and openness. There are a number of ways to market your book online. As an example have you consider a Kindle version of your book? Encourage readers to post reviews on Amazon, blogs, social media, etc. is a way to create some buzz. There are several ways and if you would like some more ideas just hit me up and I would be more than happy to assist you.


    • alexcall says:

      jeffrey..I’m Kindled, Nooked, and hardbound booked! facebooked, tweeted, Book Toured, publicisted…what is lacking is a major push from my smaller publisher..I’ve seen that the amount one has to spend to advertise nationally is way out of my reach….still working on it.. one book at a time!! thanks…

  6. Jeb Harrison says:

    Sounds like you’re hitting on all cylinders, Alex. Maybe there’s something you can do with the content or your marcom? Not in terms of giveaways or other such incentives, but something to position your book apart from every other rock and roll memoir that’s out there. Could your memoir be positioned as the only one out there from a veteran of the “new wave”? (Frankly, I’m waiting for the paperback, as I suspect a lot of folks are. I’ll spend 10 bucks on a book or a CD, unless it’s John Irving, Richard Russo, Jim Harrison, John Lennon’s biography or something else that I have to have in my library. My novel won’t be available in hardback, at least not ’til it hits the bestseller list 🙂 Anyway at this point seems like u need a unique angle – just my opinion (obviously).

  7. Mike Pasqua says:

    Got the book and gave a review on Amazon…guitar looks like the one on the cover of A Simple Life. Am I correct? I know that you had to leave some stories out but I am sure that Chris Michie and Taxim would have fit nicely toward the end of the book.

  8. Ken D says:

    SO I guess Boston isn’t happening? Bummer for me. I guess I’ll send in my order for your book as I was going to buy it that day when you were out this way. Wshing you a great holiday season.

    Your pal,


    • alexcall says:

      Jen.. my publiusher really dropped the ball as far as pushing my book, so yes, I won’t be coming to Boston at this time. I am still working on getting the book into hands of influential people. I haven’t given up on it.

      To order the autographed copy and get in the running for the signed guitar, I’ll need your email AND shipping addresses. I’ll email a Paypal invoice and then send the book. The guitar drawing is the week before Christmas–on video Youtube/Facebook..

      readers tell me they love the book!

      sorry i didn’t get up there. i was promised a speaking engagement at Harvard!

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