“Of course I’ll buy your book, any day now…”

“Of course I’ll buy your book, any day now…”

Is it daunting to be faced with the prospect of reading 387 pages? Are times so hard that buying a hardbound book (which costs as much as two salads), even a cheap ebook (lunch at MacDonald’s) is out of reach for the average person? Or is it easier to just watch “The Closer”, “ Hoarders”, “Parolees and Pitbulls”, or “UFC Ultimate Challenge” on the old flat-screen?

I know many people feel they don’t have the time to read a book. Life is so busy, who has the hours? Funny, but we do seem to have the hours for TV. Now, on the other hand you have voracious readers like me who always have a few books going at any given time, on for the bedroom nightstand, one in the living room, one or three in the room of retirement”, next to the stack of National Geographics, and the Kindle in the car for that lunchtime read which I so enjoy. TV? Hardball and a 49ers game. Old movies on demand sometimes. That Humphrey Bogart. There are some great movies.

Select movies aside, I believe that TV is the one thing that has destroyed our intelligence over the last generation. TV is passive, no effort at all. Here we are now, entertain us: big butts on the couch, watching wretched shows about nonsense. It’s too bad, since there’s no reason why TV couldn’t be a thousand times better. Fill it with great stories, useful information, challenging topics. But, nooooo.

Reality shows, predictable movies, murder, sex, misery, and mental illness. Lot of tits and ass, pecs, men with unshaven, rugged faces, women like goddesses. We watch. Our minds do not engage.

Books require engagement; that’s the magic. We read and our imaginations are fired up as we create the pictures to go with the written text. Our powers of observation are heightened. This extends out into life. Herman Cain said the other day,” America wants a leader, not a reader”. Herman likes to sell his motivational books. Maybe he should try on a little Cormac MacCarthy or Annie Proulx. Or even a World Atlas, since he seems to have no clue as to what’s out there beyond his bank accounts. Thank goodness we have a president who does read books. George Bush read books, too, though I don’t think “Dick and Jane go to Washington to ruin the world” is the level of book that a president should read in the can.

In any case, there are lots of good books out there. By the way, have I mentioned that my book has gotten a lot of favorable comments? You should buy one from me and sit down with it. It’ll take you back to some of your used to be’s and also and show you places you’ve never been. I know you can put it off. “I really am going to buy your book!” Well? If you “like” the idea on Facebook, why not message me and I’ll send you an autographed copy in time for Christmas, plus you’ll be in the drawing for my signed guitar. Hang in it your den or music room: signed by the guy who wrote 867-5309/Jenny. The one and only.

Read my book. If not mine, then read Annie Proulx, or Frank McCourt, or Cormac MacCarthy, or Neil Gaiman. Have fun, get into it. Engage your mind. Stop watching Hoarders and Storage Wars.

Here’s the guitar I’m giving away to someone who buys my book, “867-5309/jenny, the song that saved me”, before Christmas. It’s really a pretty axe. It’s got a crack at the top of the neck that has forced it into retirement, but it looks amazing. The woods and inlays are fantastic. I will put all the names of those who have bought an autographed copy of my book into my 49er’s cap and video the drawing and post it on Facebook—one week before Christmas.
Engage your mind, buy my book. You’ll like it! Simply message me on Facebook – Alex Call – or email me at alcallhits@comcast.net

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10 Responses to “Of course I’ll buy your book, any day now…”

  1. Ronald Parks says:

    Wow, what channel is “Parolees and Pitbulls” on? I missed that one! Just kidding. I am looking forward to reading your book AND winning that guitar!!! When do you think I will receive the book?

  2. Sanction says:

    Dude, I posted to your FB messages last week. I want to buy a copy of yer book and now, but wanted to send the cheque directly to you so you’d get all the dough. I also asked if you would be ok with signing it to me, and adding in a line or two from “Dark Side…” since it was such an inspiration while I was writing “Candy.” Lemme know. Sincerely, Regent (The CandyAppleBlack guy).

  3. Sanction says:

    I apologise for being a pain in yer arse, but I never got any email from you about this. Did you email me at ?

    • Sanction says:

      It removed my email from my reply here. So I’ll play their little reindeer game: regentsc at hot mail dot com. Hows that?

  4. Kincaid Miller says:

    Hey Alex, As you may remember, I have a signed copy of your book. I picked it up when you passed through Marin County, And gave representation to a packed house of very pleased listeners. Great anecdotes, The band was tons of fun… Playing some of my favorite songs which you wrote and we played in thet great band we once had. Well, I read your. book, and all I can say is I was sad when it
    ended!! You made your point about books. engaging the readers imagination whereas. television does not do that

    • Kincaid Miller says:

      continued… no matter how descriptive the writer is, the story will always look different when filtered through the minds eye, and imagination of the reader. You’re so right. The imagination of the reader kicks in, and is fully engaged when reading a book as opposed to just sitting back on the couch and watching TV… However, you do have to give good movies a break… Which you did, as well as MSNBC. All you musicians out there, most definitely go out and get it, and if you’re not a musician it doesn’t matter because it’s a good read and something you won’t wanna put down… for me it was a real page turner.

      And even if you are not a musician y’all still. Should pick up a copy because it’s in excellent read that you will not wanna put down

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