Herr Mitt and the Etch-a-Sketch

Repubs are rejoicing in Herr Mitt’s debate performance last night. However, I think it needs to be pointed out that this is the man who said he would simply etch-a-sketch his image as the election grew near.
Last night was a major etch-a-sketch moment. After talking about cutting taxes on the richest Americans ( small-business owners, such as Donald Trump) for all these past months, he turned around and dropped this passing bombshell that he would not reduce taxes on the wealthy. This is counter to his philosophy and was a debate cheap shot, as was his glib closing remark, uncontested by rule, that he would create 12 million jobs. What? In China? Trickle-down government– a nice zinger–but what does it mean? Nothing.

Mitt is from, by, and for trickle -down economics, pure and simple, ” A rising tide floats all YACHTS…er, boats”
Romney is a chameleon who will say whatever it takes to win regardless of the facts and does not, in fact, say what the specifics of his policies are. That way he is held unaccountable for his future actions. When will he reveal the specifics? He doesn’t have them, he just says he will have them someday. What a crock. Look at Ryan’s budget and what Mitt has said as he campaigned to the fringes of Birtherism and beyond and make up your mind.

Do you want some fake smile corporate guy running the country? Maybe he’ll give you five quick reason why he’s going to shut down your region and ship it overseas. After all, if it’s good for the bottom line for the rich, that’s America, right?

Not the America I care about. I like ordinary people, not grinning fat cats who think they, as successful businessmen, get to run the world as a fiefdom.

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