Gun Owners and the New World Order: why getting meaningful gun control through congress before the End of the World is going to be tough.

Gun Owners and the New World Order: why getting meaningful gun control through congress before the End of the World  is going to be tough.

by Alex Call

There is a most unfortunate elephant in the room regarding the gun control issue. Perhaps the gentle elephant isn’t the correct character for our analogy; let’s call it the family member that everyone is afraid to confront, no one wants to talk about: the deranged, paranoid rage-aholic bully around whom one must tread lightly for fear he will go off.

I am speaking about the millions of U.S. citizens who are consumed, obsessed, with the notion that the U.S. Government is going to seize their guns. Why does the government want to seize the guns? So that The New World Order can be imposed on the entire world.   What is The New World Order?  The NWO is a vast historical conspiracy of Secret Societies such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, and International bankers (read: Jesus-killing Jews), serving willingly as minions of none other than Satan himself, and bent on the establishment of the totalitarian world government that will crush freedom and individualism. And make us watch soccer and drink red wine and dark beer instead of Bud lite.

The anti- NWO folks have a serious litany of events and conspiracies, and believe me, they’ve piled up masses of evidence, that the word has been led to this near-Armageddon point through manipulation of world occurrences as diverse as the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 to the Newtown , Ct., shooting of last week. These conspiracy- true- believers make a case that only be bought into if one stiffly quaffs the cool-aid. If one does so deeply imbibe, then all history from the dawn of history makes sense and it makes very logical sense that we’re all doomed to suffer a soon-to-be-realized Earthly Hell  (of course, the Elect, along with their arsenals, I presume, will be saved by the Second Coming).

It’s a feature of cool-aid drinking that even the most rational, logical refutation of cool-aid dogma dovetails perfectly right into the dogma. There’s some sort of perverse  rhetorical brilliance at work here and it has to do with the nature of faith, but I digress.

This hodge-podge of disparate historical and quasi-historical elements is intriguing and even fun to read about. You get it all : UFO’s, JFK’s assassination, the Spear of Longinus, the IMF, Unicef, Tibetan monks, Hitler, The Knights Templar, Hollow Earth, Lucifer as Venus the Morning Star, U.N. Black Helicopters, Jews, Aurora, Co., Obama, the Anti-Christ ( oh, I already said Obama, who many believe to be this fellow), dang, there’s really something for every occult or active race-or-other-reason hatred enthusiast on your “ the real story doesn’t matter” Christmas list!

Where this screws things up as far beginning to get some simple gun legislation enacted and carried out is that since it’s Good vs. Satan, what’s a law worth?  Besides, this sort of thinking is not uncommon among the U.S. population of Christians with guns. Ever watch “Doomsday Preppers” on Nat Geo?  These folks ain’t giving up their assault rifles or the other 47 guns in their arsenals. Small magazines? No, 100- round clips with armor piercing loads! After all, when Mr. Dark Knight Satan Obama the Anti-Christ comes to take their guns,  It’ll be up to them to protect you and me and Western Civilization ( well, mostly just themselves, actually). Boy, when you see them practicing with their kids firing AK47 knock-offs one gets the feeling they’re really hoping that Mr. Satan comes as persons of color as well. They’re not counting on it, but they have a hopeful hunch.

This all boils down to a simple, salient point for politicians, most of whom are trying to do well for business in their districts, so they can do better later personally when they retire, and that point is: these End of Timers and racists vote in large numbers and support the NRA, which is a powerful right-wing organization that has influence far beyond Bobby’s Saturday morning  gun -safety class at camp Winnabagel. The Republicans of the Senate and Congress have kept mum “until this Friday” when the NRA is to give its official view of the Newtown Children’s and Teacher’s Massacre. The lawmakers are in thrall as they are to Grover Norquist on the Tax issue. No major, NRA- backed Republican has spoken out this whole week about guns and the massacre of children by assault rifle. Astonishingly courageous, no? It’s all about getting reelected and therefore getting a good tee-time at the local Country Club when they go back home. One laughs a little and cries a lot at the same time.

Forgetting the pols for the moment (I will write about these coiffed hairdos another day), why we let deluded, extreme nut jobs clutching their guns have any traction is beyond me. Their beliefs are marginal, they’re focused on themselves, and they’re not worthy of being included in serious debate on important issues facing all of us. I say it’s time to stop pussyfooting around these deranged bullies and step up to the task of controlling at least future gun sales, and slowly trying to  make this a saner society over the next generation or two. This needs to start with “rational” gun owners, who like to kill harmless animals but wouldn’t engage in a government otherthrow if there’s a good football game on TV. Actually, I’m serious: gun owners across the country  need to step up and begin to do the right thing.

 Of course, the End of the World is in two days, so who cares!! (I saw it on TV). I better get cracking on getting my EOTW party supplies in before the liquor stores are destroyed by Satan’s asteroid….

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