Alex Call: songwriter of 867-5309/Jenny and author

I am the songwriter of 867-5309/Jenny by Tommy Tutone and hits such as Power of Love and Perfect World for Huey Lewis and the News, and Little Too late for Pat Benatar. I was the lead singer in Clover, a San Francisco country-rock band whose other members included Huey Lewis and John McFee ( Doobie Bros). Clover made four major-label albums and backed Elvis Costello on his first album, My Aim Is true. I also was a solo artist for Arista Records.

This year my first book, ” 867-5309/Jenny, the song that saved me”, was released. Next year  Second Childhood, a funny book about an aging rock band and penis impants, will come out

I blog about my books and about other subjects. Please check out my writing. Nice to meet you.

2 Responses to Alex Call: songwriter of 867-5309/Jenny and author

  1. I read your personal plea for help selling books and getting publicity. The key will be to make people cry, laugh, and want to know you more than they could ever dream of. What you say has to fill them with a nostalgia and turns them back through the years so that it taste like candy they ate when they were young. You do that, they’ll want everything you have available for sale. Send me an email – I’ll educate you in getting more book publicity. There’s a free download in my signature – second edition of a book I wrote twelve years ago. Suggest you read it.
    Best to you Alex. Be happy to be an asset and a resource to you.

    Paul J. Krupin, Direct Contact PR
    Reach the Right Media in the Right Market with the Right Message
    800-457-8746 (TF US) 509-531-8390 (Cell) 509-582-5174 (Direct)
    Free eBook download

    • alexcall says:

      Paul.. thanks for your reply.. I have been posting bits of my book on this blog ( look at recent posts) .. My book has gotten great reviews from people.. It was released on a small publisher, Charles River Press, this past August. I have a had a good publicist for the last six months. Still, I haven’t lit up the book world! I am finding one-on selling to be the best avenue yet. I’ll read your work and be in touch .. thanks for responding.

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